Facebook Applications

Beginnings of Facebook

The rise of the social networking site has been catapulted into the hundreds of millions across the world.

Beginning as a Harvard based alumni service, Facebook expanded to the multi-billion dollar corporation it is today. However, the success of Facebook can be attributed to two main factors:

1- The Functionality - Facebook's appeal lies within its consistency, everybody has the same general idea with a few new structural changes coming into play. Facebook never surrendered to the lure of page changes such as the Myspace or Bebo sites and for this reason it remains subjective. Each page is simple and direct, allowing the primary function of networking to be the main focus.

2- The Subject - Social networking was not a new idea when Facebook first emerged, in fact there were many fully sustainable sites in operation but it wasn't until the concept of Facebook had caught on that it has become a standard feature, at least for most individuals in the Western world.

People will naturally tend to be social and the ability to keep in contact with our international friends has never been easier with Facebook.

And Applications

Facebook continues to grow and even from its initial burst of success, advertisers have caught onto the marketing potential of such a service.

Applications were always around but were commonly used on desktop computers, described as software. Now with the increase of web mobility, apps are widely available with regular users downloading as many as 5 apps every week.

Applications were designed to focus on one particular or main function and do that to the best of its ability. Some may say - shouldn't all software perform all functions to the best of their ability? But the more complex software downloads are more concerned with an all round approach, leaving apps to target specific areas.

There are apps for everything these days. Whether it be toward practicality and organisational task or for the bored who want to be entertained by an imaginative game or have a reliable system to access their music, apps are designed with your needs in mind.

And Together They Make?

Combining therefore the app market with the Facebook is one that makes perfect sense. Target an area of dedicated internet users and allow a community to pass on their own app recommendations and updates or even share the app components with each other.

Facebook has already demonstrated the success of this combination with hundreds of thousands of apps available online however it continues to grow.

Facebook recently announced the progression of 60 new Facebook applications, following the success of music and article sharing.

Facebook looks to set to grow even bigger in the coming years with the prospects of instant photo sharing combined with the other leaps and is a service primed for the continual advent of the application.

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