How to Get Facebook Fans

If social media marketing is all about social interactions, then you're going to need people to interact with. A Facebook business page without fans is a sad thing indeed. But how can you attract people to your page and convince them to Like it? And how can you keep their interest once they do?

Make fans feel special

One way to persuade people to Like your page is by offering incentives. For example, you might tease people with suggestions of how great your content is and not let them see any of it until they Like it. This is called Like Gating. It means you block off your content until the visitor hits the Like button and becomes a fan, and then they get total access to your page. You might also offer something valuable in return for the Like. Maybe a coupon, something else nice for free, or entry to a contest.

One thing Facebook users love about Liking businesses is the special offers they get. You can offer exclusive deals only to those who Like your page. This makes people feel like they are part of a cool exclusive club, and in addition to getting people excited about your page it's also a great way to draw them in to your store. You may also decide to let your fans be the first to know about any big news in your company. Again, this will make them feel special, like insiders with exclusive backstage passes, and it will inspire love and loyalty.

Get them to share with you

Facebook users are just nuts about pictures. So put up some of your own. Make them interesting, funny, thought-provoking, whatever. If a picture is good it will likely be shared. The more fans who share your pictures, the bigger your audience becomes, and the more people you have the opportunity to convert into fans. You can also ask your fans for their own pictures. Some companies hold contests where they ask people to take pictures of themselves using the company's products and then award prizes for the best pictures. Contests are always a great way to attract interest and engagement from fans and potential fans.

Another thing you might ask fans to share is an opinion. Ask your fans questions and encourage them to participate in conversations. Ask for feedback on your products. If your fans feel like you are really listening to them and actually hearing what they are saying, they'll love you for it. Wouldn't you love it if you gave feedback on a company's Facebook page and then they said you're right, that's a great idea, we're going to do that? You would probably stick with that company. And you'd probably buy the product that you had a direct role in creating or adjusting.

The marketing experts at Marketers Anonymous remind you that if you want people to Like your Facebook page, you have to give them something worth liking. Offer incentives for them to become fans, and continue to make them feel loved even after they click the Like button. Treat your fans right and you'll have a band of loyal followers who will be only too happy to tell everyone they know about you.

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