Does Facebook Help You Connect to Friends

It seems that everyone now has a Facebook account and almost every contact between people is mediated through Facebook. The Facebook customer care representatives can help you to set up an account for yourself. In many ways Facebook is convenient. You can upload and share your photographs, you can search and find long lost friends, you can keep our friends posted about the latest happenings in your life and you can also wish everyone on their special days.

This may be one of the best features especially for people who have a very difficult time remembering birthdays and anniversaries. You can also wish your friends and family on festivals through a common post. This is a very economical method as you can save hundreds on phone bills. This is also an easy way to spend time when you are stuck inside your house. There are many games that you can play to keep yourself occupied. Do you have a complaint against Facebook too? Many customers have complained that they are unable to access their accounts even after various tries. They have entered and re-entered the user name and password but to no avail.

Facebook has also disabled many accounts without giving a proper explanation or a valid reason to the users. This is like disrespecting the users and the users have been angered. Some users have found posts on their pages which have been posted by Facebook. It may be about winning some game or uploading a snap but the user may not like to have such posts put onto their page so it is better that Facebook stay away from manipulating their user's pages. The users who enjoy the games that are available on Facebook have found that their games are constantly interrupted by unwanted notifications that have to be closed for them to be able to continue with their game.

This is a turn-off and can lead to the user getting irritated. Another problem is that the users are not given choice when it comes to changes, the most recent one being the time line. Even if some users do not like it, they still have to put up with it. This is not a fair practice. Another problem is with the friend suggestions.

Facebook themselves will suggest friends to the users and most users are not aware of how to stop this. Most users find this practice to be irritating and a waste of space and time. Facebook also suspends users without proper warning or reason. This becomes a problem for musicians and artists who use Facebook as a method to get in touch with potential customers. If Facebook can take care of all these problems then the Facebook complaint list will become considerably shorter. The number of followers will also increase and it will be a much more pleasant platform to be associated with. So let us hope that the representatives of Facebook will awaken to the problems of the users and try to make this platform more users friendly and more efficient. The security measures could also be made more sturdy and secure so that the users are well protected.