Tasqeena Zuhaib from Maroon Colony Quetta Pakistan

Tasqeena Zuhaib is a very prety girl from Quetta Pakistan. She is well educated and talented girl. She is also popular for her beauty in her society. But here in this site we will know about her personal info and the reason that why she joined our site of online chatting and friendship. All the visitors of this site have only one reason and that is making friends for online chatting. Let's know about Tasqeena Zuhaib's reason in her profile.

"Hello friends; my name Tasqeena Zuhaib from Maroon Colony Quetta Pakistan. Quetta is a very popular and well admired place of Pakistan. The people of this city are also very famous because of their romantic and friendly activities. Those people can explain better who personally visit Quetta as a tourist and know about the history of Quetta as well the culture and tradition of this place. Here I want to share some of my personal info. I am 24 years old and I am single nowadays.

My father is a professional job holder. I have a large family in our society. I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters in my family. Most of us are studying education and 2 elder brothers are finding jobs after their completion of their education. I personally really like from very beginning to get lots of education and then go abroad for job. But I missed that chance because nowadays I don't want to go abroad that's why I decided to make some friends from here and chat with them online through internet.

This is the main reason that I really like the chatting and conversation of foreign people and I was searching for such site where I found some foreign people with whom I can chat online". This was the profile of Tasqeena Zuhaib from Quetta Pakistan she is one of the intelligent girl and the lover of foreign people. She really likes to chat with foreign people throughout this site.

So now it's your turn and those foreign people who really like to have chat with Pakistani girls so here is Tasqeena Zuhaib and she also like the chatting of foreign people. I hope that it will be a perfect combination. Share your comments in the box below about this site.

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